Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bright Shadows

Placid words waft from unmoving lips
Stringing together little stories untold
Of the countless lost and sunken ships
Burying deep within, the scars new and old

A silent wish bequeathed as days grow cold
The times whence the young would soar
When it was right to be wrong and bold
For now there can be mistakes no more

Strange as wisdom with time should grow
As thoughts promise to burgeon light
Lifting all shadows when the sun sinks low
But a converse truth engulfs the night

Fear not sings a tumultuous voice within
Hold tight as the anchor drops deep
Searching for calm amidst the din
As distant stormy winds begin to sweep

Bright shadows dance in inky water
Elusive promises of forgotten hope
Even as the timeless and the wise waver
End it has not as this is not an end

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